Hi! I am Vishalaksh.

Meticulous researcher, architect and coder having various software products built from scratch. Currently developing a contextual search and recommendation platform at magicpin. Proficient in designing systems at scale using AI and data mining techniques on mobile and web platforms. Having a diverse experience in organisations at different scale- IBM Research, Qualcomm and a startup (Creapptic).

Patent & Publications


Applications created


Awards won


Technical Lead, magicpin

2018 - Current

Creating a new scalable search framework with high performance. Using machine learning techniques to build a context aware and personalised search experience. Developed recommendations systems like "people you may know" and "recommended deals for you".

Cofounder & CEO, Creapptic Technologies

2016 - 2018

Creapptic Technologies brought 7 years of experience in Mobile and Web application development and designing with its team. Also created a product called Communitify. It was a platform which helped businesses build communities around their products and services. My role spanned from hiring to business development to coding.

Research Software Engineer, IBM Research

2014 - 2016

Solved compliance related problems in Cognitive Finance group. Had also driven Smarter Cities and Information Management agenda of IBM. Have multiple publications and patents for the same.

Software Intern, Qualcomm

Summer 2013

Summer Intern at Qualcomm on ‘MPQPlayerApp’ in which Digital Video Broadcasting feature was added to existing app in Android TV.

Undergraduate Student, IIT (BHU), Varanasi

2010 - 2014

Graduated from Department of Electrical Engineering with Special Mention award for coding activities. Have also led the tech team of college. Published several apps during this time on Google Play.


AI & Data Mining

Machine learning

Natural Language Processing

Data visualization

Scalable Systems

Search & Recommendation systems

Application backend systems


Web- MEAN stack

Mobile- Android, iOS


Project Title
Private dashboards for communitify admins.
Project Title
Barometer Ranking
It shows relative ranking of the selected district with respect to the districts on two extremes (highest and lowest number of crime).
Project Title
Temporal Change in Graph
This visualization tracks change in graph with time.
Project Title
Clustering of nodes
This visualization groups nodes using convex hull method and also highlights anomolous nodes.
Project Title
Qualitative and temporal view of skills
This visualises skills based on expertise and interest. It also shows the usage of those skills at different times.


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